10 ways to kill your recently bought #zombie

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  1. The ultimate crow bar to the skull, the best way to kill a zombie when you have car troubles in the highway ;) #nobrainsforyou
  2. 9. Drop an Egyptian obelisk on them // of course you'll need to be in Cairo or Washington DC :/ #nobrainsforyou
  3. 8. Light the ‪#zombie‬ on fire // They'll just keep coming roostier at you, until their brain melts & falls down through their nose as a blackish goo #nobrainsforyou
  4. 7. Smash #zombie's head in a convection oven // and shout repeatedly asking "Where is Bill?" while doing it #nobrainsforyou
  5. 6. Run #zombies over with a car // just make sure you're not on a volkswaggen or datsun sedan, You'll regret it #nobrainsforyou
  6. 5. .308 Winchester to the head // can anyone say #TargetPractice ? don't forget the ammo #nobrainsforyou
  7. 4. Chain saw // It's massacre time! wear a raincoat, you'll be making a mess and I'm sure you don't want stains to stick! #nobrainsforyou
  8. 3. Starve the #zombies out // Get enough provisions, a bitch load of food,music & batteries an get barricated for 5 years #nobrainsforyou
  9. 2. Trap the #zombie in a pit of concrete // narrow the walls day by day... think of it as a Bonsai zombie cat #nobrainsforyou
  10. 1. Put the ‪#zombie‬ through a wood chipper // and if you don't have one near you, you can always chop it off and put it in a blender ;) #nobrainsforyou

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